Funda Helping Program, Tutoring Org.

Funda Vision

To provide our children safe, fun educational enriched after school program .

Funda Mission

°To lay or build solid foundation of education at an early age

°To bring an understanding of that education is a tool for transformation.

°To reduce poverty which many times is caused by lack of education.

°To reduce crime and gansterism

Who are we& What do we do

Funda Helping Program is an NPC founded in 2017 by Mr. Bahle Madayi but got registered in 2018. This is a tutoring program based in Phillipi which assists primary school learners (Grade 4-7) in mainly Mathematics, Science, and English, the reason we chose these learning areas was that we discovered a need for these in previously disadvantaged schools. Learners do not get individual attention enough as most of the time the workload would be too much for the teachers due to congested classes of 40+ learners.

So what we do as Funda we divide those learners into small groups and help them with whatever might be the stumbling block in the above-mentioned areas. Not only do we assist them academically but we also provide them with food during these lessons as we believe that one cannot possibly learn on an empty stomach, we also provide them with uniform here and there and sanitary towels for the girls as most of them come from disadvantaged homes with unemployed parents if any.


EFT. Funda Helping Program

First National Bank, Prominade

Branch Code: 250555

Account number: 62895552985


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